Turkey Dinner
(une: Frere Jacques)

Turkey dinner, turkey dinner,
Gather round, gather round,
Who will get the drum-stick?
Yummy, yummy drum-stick.
All sit down, all sit down.

Corn bread muffins, chestnut stuffing,
Pumpkin pie, one foot high,
All of us were thinner
until we came to dinner,
Me-o-my, me-o-my.

A Thanksgiving Thought
by Bobbi Katz

The day I give thanks for having a nose
Is Thanksgiving Day, for do you suppose
That Thanksgiving dinner would as good
If you couldn’t smell it?
I don’t think it would.
Could apple pies baking –
turkey that’s basting
Not be for smelling? Just be for tasting?
It’s a cranberry-cinnamon-onion boquet!
Be thankful for noses on
Thanksgiving Day.

Day Is Done
b y Lee Bennett Hopkins

We’ve eaten all our dinner,
prayed our prayers,
wished our wishes.

Now it’s time to get the work
and wash up
all these dishes!

All in a Word
by Aileen Fisher

T for time together,
turkey, talk and tangy weather.

H for harvest, stored away,
home, and hearth, and holiday.
A for autumn’s frosty air,
and abundance in the heart.

N for neighbors and November,
nice things, new things to remember.

K for kitchen, kettles’ croon,
kith and kin expected soon.

S for sizzles, sights and sounds,
and something special that abounds.

That spells THANKS – for joy in living
And a jolly good Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Magic

by Rowena Bastin Bennett

Thanksgiving Day I like to see
Our cook perform her witchery.
She turns a pumpkin into pie
As easily as you or I
Can wave a hand or wink an eye.
She takes leftover bread and muffin
And changes them to turkey stuffin’.
She changes cranberries to sauce
And meats to stews and stews to broths;
And when she mixes gingerbread
It turns into a man instead
With frosting collar ’round his throat
And raisin buttons down his coat.
Oh, some like magic made by wands,
And some read magic out of books,
And some like fairy spells and charms
But I like magic made by cooks! **